WONÁ Concept Just Launched a Bridesmaid, MOB, and Wedding Guest Collec – Wedding Day Match

WONÁ Concept Just Launched a Bridesmaid, MOB, and Wedding Guest Collection

It’s official! WONÁ Concept has launched a bridesmaids, mother-of-bride and wedding guest collection! It’s all part of their “New Dream” Collection that offers a variety of styles for everyone in the bride’s circle!

“After careful consideration, we felt the time was right to broaden our offer. The new collection goes beyond the bridal wear we are famous for. It speaks on behalf of every woman attending a wedding and offers exquisite styles for every special occasion as a cocktail, a party, or a black-tie gala. We aim [for] our dresses to be an expression of women's nature,” announced the brand's creative director, Ilona Shramko.

The dresses exude a fresh and fashion-forward character — simple and minimalistic lines, alongside intricate details, showcase captivating and intriguing femininity. It’s all about feeling radiant and confident on each all the special days.

 WONA Concept Bridesmaid Collection

WONA Concept Bridesmaid Collection

It’s a true evolution for the brand, taking the common perception of the brand’s evening wear to a whole new level. And yet it’s in keeping with their indulgent variety of textures, materials, colors, and silhouettes — each reflecting versatility. In fact, the key features are sleek minimalist silhouettes and rich textures. Every dress exists in a variety of vibrant colors, diverse materials, and a range of silhouettes to carefully sculpt the body in the most appealing way. Just think you can now suit every character and mood of your choosing! WONÁ maintains an absolute sense of ease and delicacy in each outfit, inspiring women's versatility of expression.

WONA Concept Bridesmaid Collection 

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