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Yes, These are the Songs That’ll Be Trending for 2024 Weddings

So I’m NGL this year has been consumed with weddings that played the very popular and classic never-going-anywhere song by Elvis Presley (or rly any new version or cover that you come across), Can’t Help Falling in Love. I mean, come on, though, the song is iconic. Your parents love it, you love it, and let’s be real ‘cause you know what we know which is that the next gen is going to love it, too! It’s sort of like A Thousand Years by Christina Perri, better known for being one of the most romantic songs that came out of The Twilight Saga. I have seen the movie at least a hundred times (what, you know you have, too!) and not once do I not tear up at the sight of Bella walking down the aisle to Edward while A Thousand Years plays in the background. Anddd frankly even if you are married you’ve probably considered the idea of what it would have been like to walk down the aisle to that very song bc you’re human and it’s dreamy. However, like anything else (except for Can’t Help Falling in Love) A Thousand Years was too trendy and not iconic enough it seems, because more and more couples are steering away from the song. RIP a thousand times over again for this incredible song that might’ve remained popular for a little too long (but not if you ask us).

A quick look back at the couples we’ve featured who walked down the aisle to A Thousand Years and whose grandchildren will probably rediscover the song and say “hey, we should like totally get a violinist to play this song at our wedding.” To the future gens, cheers to you for having awesome taste in music. 🥂

Danielle and Brennon got married earlier this year and Danielle walked down to the ever-popular instrumental version of A Thousand Years.

Vibe with the rest of their wedding.

Payton and Noah had a beautiful ceremony that included the violin instrumental version (yes, the instrumental version again) of A Thousand Years. Now, if you saw this couple and the way they looked at each other you would know that it was only par for the course ‘cause their wedding was as gush-worthy and swoon-worthy as the song from Christina Perri.

Just look at their romantic wedding.

Now, as for Can’t Help Falling in Love, I think Elvis Presley would be very pleased with all the weddings that are playing his timeless (beautiful) song! A look back real quick, y’all:

Bree and Jason got married in Hawaii and Bree walked down the aisle to this song. It was so beautiful and literally took me back to the scene in Crazy Rich Asians (you know which one I’m talking about).

Check out their full wedding.

Okay, grab a box of tissues because this couple’s story is romantic. Ali knew Jason loved the sound of her voice and anytime she sung he cherished the moment, sooo she did what anyone else would (okay, maybe not if you don’t think about it) record the song Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley for Jason to listen to before their first look. He was in tears and oh-so-happy. It was the perfect scene that the photographer captured beautifully.

Ahem, take a look at it.

But WTH other songs are going to be popular and what about last dance songs ‘cause ICYMI last dances are going to be all the rage in 2024. Don’t you worry, we chatted with Jeff Brown, Co-owner, DJ/MC of All About You Entertainment, to get you the scoop on all that.

Hot (read: Trending) Song Predictions for 2024 Weddings

…all from the expert himself: Jeff Brown

Reception entrance song: Lil Boo Thang by Paul Russell …or anything Taylor Swift (we know you Swifties are reading this)

First dance song: Little Bit More by Suriel Hess (‘k, so this is rly what he hopes’ll be popular amongst couples next year, but it’s all about manifesting, right?)

Last dance song: *drumroll please* Simply the Best by Noah Reid, I’m With You by Vance Joy, and Love Like This by Ben Rector


Photo from The Nautical Beachfront Resort

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