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What are we looking for? Wedding Day Match is all about fashion, beauty, and making a statement. The engagement sessions we choose to publish on our site are fun and romantic with a fashion-forward spin. Engagement sessions where the poses are thought out and flirty, all while telling a story. Think: the moments that make you want to pop your foot. Uniqueness is also crucial to building traffic and interest to the engagement session. And we have a special place in our hearts for beachy and snowy ones. Collecting seashells together. Romantic snowball fights. Sharing an ice cream cone. Engagement sessions with a theme — think: la dolce vita inspired.

Things to Know

  • We require all submissions be for engagements that took place within the last year.
  • We prefer submissions be limited to those in which a wedding hasn’t taken place yet for the couple.
  • There is no cost to submit.
  • Exclusivity: We prefer unpublished sessions and three (3) month exclusivity. We ask that you do not submit elsewhere as you wait to see if you’re submission has been accepted with us. Please do not publish the engagement session for at least three (3) months after we’ve published it.
  • We accept submissions from the photographer or couple. We do not move forward without notifying the couple first though, receiving their consent for publication, and learning more details about their love story. Therefore, advanced couple permission must be obtained by photographer submitting the session. If an engagement session is submitted, permission will be considered obtained.
  • For the images, we require the photographer’s gallery link.

Our Review Process

All engagement session submissions will be considered for our blog.

Submissions are reviewed on an ongoing basis and you will be notified via email if your engagement shoot has been chosen. We love each and every engagement shoot and enjoy reviewing your submissions, however, due to a high volume of submissions, we cannot respond to each submission. We also cannot guarantee publication. If you do not receive an email, then that means unfortunately your engagement shoot was not chosen due to timing, limited space availability, or the like.

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