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Not listed on our site? Helllooo, where have you been?! Good thing we offer a vendor (and venue) listing so couples can match with you. Waittt, what’s all this about?

You didn’t think we were just another directory, did you? We’re cooler — think of us as a dating app, only instead of matching with the one, couples match with vendors like you that fit their weddings’ needs thanks to our advanced filters. It’s sorta awesome and by being listed with us, couples can match with you. And there’s no special treatment for those who pay the big bucks — everyone is equal around here; everyone has the same listing, same opportunities! ;)

So what do you get? Your company name, location, phone number, and a link to your website for couples to interact with you directly. We also link it to any blogs you were a source for or where your work was featured (including our magazine). If that’s not enough, couples can also request a quote from you or leave a review for you.

Andddd there are some social perks, too!

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