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    Hey, hey, lovey! It’s us, the squad that hustles to bring you inspo to inspire your wedding planning. Because when you plan a wedding that’s totally you, trust us, you’ll be strutting down the aisle to your S.O. with enough confidence for the entire guest list. Think of us as your ride-or-dies when it comes to wedding inspo.

    First time you’re hearing about us? Cool, we get it, ‘cause we haven’t been around for a decade. But, don’t worry, we’re owning our individuality which makes us pretty darn awesome if you ask us. And we’re confident you’ll love us for our real talk, interesting topics, and advice we bring you from experts that have a lot to share, becauseee our focus is on YOU.

    JSYK, when we’re not doing this *which is like basically never, seriously, we love bringing you inspo* we’re typically obsessing over the latest fashion trends, eating cookie dough, watching rom-coms, and loving on our furry friends.

    xo, The Squad

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