Wedding Vendor Listing Request – Wedding Day Match

Vendor Listing Request

Congrats, you’re taking the first step in getting your business listed on another site. Buttt you’re not just getting listed on another directory site + it’s not invitation-only because we believe in giving the couples all of their options.

Please complete the following 2 steps. Step 1 is a form with detailed questions about your business so we can customize your listing and couples can match with you using our filters that use your answers… cool, right?!

Step 2 is a little less popular, we know, but totally necessary. You’ll need to pay a $250.00USD one-time flat-fee. Don’t want to pay for another listing on another site? Real time? It’s affordable and totally reasonable. You’ll have the listing as long as you want it and all it cost you was a one-time fee… who’s better than you?!

Once you’ve completed both steps, you will receive an email confirmation letting you know your listing has gone live.

Step 1: Form

Step 2: Listing Fee Checkout